5 reasons why you need an Emergency Dentistry

5 reasons why you need an Emergency Dentistry

Mar 01, 2021

Once a dental accident occurs, it is imperative to realize the means to take to get treatment. It is equally essential that dental emergencies are taken seriously to avoid the risk of permanently losing one’s smile.

In the event of a dental emergency (acute dental pain, blow to the mouth, fractured tooth.), it is critical to inform your dentist rapidly so that he/she can assess the situation and suggest an appropriate solution. This is why, at Kids First Dental Martinsville, we are ever ready for your emergency dental services. If such a situation occurs, contact us, and we will make sure to reach you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here are a few hints and information to help you identify emergencies and subsidize them before being rushed to a dentist.

    • Dental pain: This is indeed a common form of emergencies you should not take lightly; Not only is intense toothache (commonly known as toothache) difficult to bear and discomfort your sleep and even your daily activities, it is often a sign of deeper issues.

Likely causes of dental pain:

Tooth rot: While it is usually asymptomatic in its beginning stages, the bacteria that cause it can enter the tooth and disrupt the nerves at its center. In such cases, you might feel intense pain.

Oral diseases: The bacteria found and multiply in the mouth can cause problems in the teeth (dental caries) and the mouth’s delicate tissues (gums, periodontium tissues).

Dental boil: It May be of dental or periodontal source; it is severe contamination situated under the gum and usually lodged near tooth decay. It usually shows as intense pain, swelling of the gums, discharge release, and consistent bad breath. It can also cause fever and severe headaches.

Breakage of a restoration: Fillings (fillings), fixed bridges, and dental crowns can sometimes loosen or break, affecting or disturbing the wrong tooth.

An inadequately changed removable prosthesis: If they are poorly changed, removable prostheses can move and irritate the soft tissues of the mouth or exert undue pressure, which could be in the form of severe pain.

Attitude to adopt in case of pain:

The first thing to do when pain is felt is to inform your dentist to schedule an appointment quickly. Afterward, you can calm the pain with over-the-counter pain relievers (such as Tylenol or Advil) if your sickness allows it.

    • Broken tooth: Although made of a rigid material, sometimes a tooth will break or chip. In such a case, it is essential to make an appointment with your dentist to check the fracture’s nature and plan the necessary repair. If possible, try to keep the detached part (keeping it in saliva, milk, or water), so the dentist can assess whether she can use it in her repair.

There are also various degrees of fracture determining the level of urgency of the situation:

Minor fracture (only a fragment of a tooth has fractured): In such a case, where it is not severe, the tooth may become more sensitive to hot or cold.

The middle fracture: More intense than a minor fracture, but without damage to the nerve, such a fracture can still cause tenderness or even mild pain. The fractured tooth likewise becomes weaker against bacteria’s action, which can then penetrate towards the pulp.

Large fractures affecting the nerve: If the fracture is more extensive, the nerve may be broken or exposed, causing great tenderness or severe pain.

  • You have received a blow to the mouth or teeth: It happens, especially during sporting activities, which impacts are sometimes brought to the mouth or teeth. This has consequences of varying degrees: If the pain experienced is minimal, subsides over time, and there is no unusual movement of the affected tooth or teeth, there is no reason for worrying. Nonetheless, it would be best if you mentioned the blow to your dentist during the next routine examination.

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