Exams and Cleanings in Martinsville, VA

Exams and Cleanings in Martinsville, VA

Preventive dentistry forms a major component of the dentist’s job. This form of dentistry focuses on maintaining optimal oral health and wellness for as long as possible so that problems don’t develop. For the average individual, preventive dentistry often takes the forms of exams and cleanings.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that each individual visit the same dental office twice a year for regular exams and cleanings. At Kids First Dental in Martinsville, VA, we agree with this recommendation and strive to make our office as welcoming as possible so that patients are comfortable receiving the treatment they need to maintain a healthy smile.

What Are Exams?

When you visit Kids First Dental, the most common form of treatment is the exam. Although it doesn’t sound like a treatment, it is an essential component of every appointment because it allows our dentist to see your current oral status. Our dentist is able to determine if you:

  • Have tooth decay
  • Have gum disease
  • Have cavities
  • Are developing unusual lumps or sores
  • Have halitosis
  • Have a malocclusion
  • Might be at risk of severe problems

At Kids First Dental in Martinsville, VA, we use the latest technology to identify issues as early as possible.

What Are Cleanings?

Everyone should brush and floss their teeth twice a day at home, but no one is perfect. Over time, plaque and tartar from food and beverages start to build upon the teeth. This material eats through the enamel and can attack the soft pulp, resulting in cavities, infection, and even tooth loss.

The role of a professional cleaning is to eliminate the buildup of plaque that develops overtime on the teeth. Using specialized tools, our dentist can remove plaque and help keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong for a long time.

How to Receive Treatment

If you are interested in regular exams and cleanings in Martinsville, VA, Kids First Dental is currently accepting new patients and use the latest tools and materials to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Contact us today to schedule preventive treatment.

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