Space Maintenance in Martinsville, VA

Space Maintenance in Martinsville, VA

Baby teeth are meant to last until they are replaced by the adult set. So, when a child loses a primary tooth prematurely, it can lead to orthodontic issues in the future. Adjacent teeth may shift out of place. Also, when the first teeth move above the gum line, the underlying teeth may emerge at an angle. This may be the only way they can erupt. Space maintainers in Martinsville, VA can help prevent these oral health problems. Instead, space maintenance provides the right amount of room for the permanent teeth to come in properly. As a result, early intervention helps protect your child’s smile now and as they develop. Call our Martinsville, VA dental practice today to book your child’s appointment.

Space Maintenance at Kids First Dental

Pediatric orthodontic appliances create space for permanent teeth. They allow adult teeth to cut through the gums in proper alignment. As a result, space maintenance in Martinsville, VA prevents the need for extensive orthodontic care. To avoid teeth crowding, space maintainers can hold surrounding teeth in their right positions. Then, open space is preserved for the underlying teeth.

How Do Space Maintainers in Martinsville, VA Work?

The most common type of space maintenance appliance uses a band around one tooth and a metal loop. The loop prevents shifting by pushing against the adjacent tooth. This maintains the space needed for the permanent tooth to emerge correctly. The goal is always to avoid crooked teeth and crowding. Since the maintainers are cemented in place, they are long-lasting and durable. However, they can also be removed easily when they have completed their purpose. Space maintainers are also easy to put in place. So, this simple orthodontic approach can save your child comprehensive treatment later.

Your dentist in Martinsville, VA will first perform an exam and take x-rays to find out if early orthodontic care is right for your child. The staff at Kids First Dental can help determine the best treatment course. If more room is needed to ensure your child develops a straight, healthy smile, we will discuss available options with you. Contact Kids First Dental in Martinsville, VA today to schedule your child’s consultation.

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