Importance of Preventive Dental Care for Children 

Importance of Preventive Dental Care for Children 

May 10, 2021

‘’Prevention is better than cure’’ is a common phrase thrown around in different health-related conversations. Still, the seriousness behind the phrase is hardly understood by many people. When it comes to caring for your health, being proactive is the best approach.

In dentistry, the same concept should apply. People should determine to care for their oral health proactively, instead of waiting until they have an oral emergency to seek help from an emergency pediatric dentist in Martinsville, 24112. Whether for yourself or your child, you will find that preventive dental care is invaluable in maintaining excellent oral health.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on proactive dental care to maintain good oral health. Dentists in this specialty work with fairly healthy patients, ensuring that their oral health remains uncompromised throughout.

The primary role of preventive dentistry is to ensure that patients never have underlying oral problems that sabotage their oral health. In that case, different treatments and procedures are performed to maintain excellence in oral health.

Top 5 Preventive Dentistry Procedures

​The types of preventive dentistry differ based on the procedures deemed necessary at different times in your life. The common ones include:

  • Regular dental exams – Dr. Brown insists that dental exams are the basic foundation for excellent oral health. Without examining your oral cavity, it is hard to determine whether or not you need dental treatment. You should not always wait to see severe symptoms of infections and illnesses in your child’s mouth, for instance, before you seek help at Kids First Dental Martinsville. With regular dental exams, your dentist will quickly detect any oral problem that may threaten your oral health and offer treatment accordingly. Besides, it is also the best way for a dentist to gather more medical information related to your oral health, for your medical records.
  • Dental cleanings – the cleanings are put forth as measures to boost oral hygiene. Dental cleanings involve deep cleaning the oral cavity, through procedures like professional teeth brushing, flossing, scaling, and root planing. When your mouth is cleaned professionally, it reduces the chances of getting oral infections significantly. The goal should be to get dental cleanings every couple of months, to keep your mouth clean and free from harmful bacteria causing infections.
  • Fluoride treatment – is a simple procedure performed to boost the strength of teeth and fight dental decay. The fluoride varnish used enriches teeth with fluoride, a natural mineral responsible for strengthening the enamel of teeth. When used correctly, fluoride treatment is very effective in reducing the risk of getting dental cavities or suffering tooth decay.
  • Orthodontic treatment – orthodontics is a specialty that focuses on straightening teeth. Many patients need it because they did not benefit from preventive dentistry when they were young. In preventive dental care, children can get orthodontic treatments that can spare them from the need for future teeth alignment procedures. Such treatments include using space maintainers when they remove their baby teeth, as well as palatial expanders to create ample room in the jawbone for the growing teeth.
  • Dental sealant application – this treatment involves applying a thin coat of sealant material over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. The coating helps create a barrier between the food you eat and your teeth. This barrier prevents dental cavities and reduces the chances of tooth decay. The treatment is very helpful for children who haven’t gotten cavities yet.

How Is Preventive Dentistry Important for Children?

If you have never taken your child to a dentist, then you need to appreciate the following benefits of preventive oral care for children:

  • Early detection and diagnosis of dental issues – regular dental exams allow pediatric dentists to detect and diagnose any oral issues in the early stages.
  • Reducing cases of dental emergencies – some dental emergencies come up as a result of poor oral hygiene and overall dental care. With preventive dental measures, a dentist will ensure that the oral health of your child is in good standing at all times.
  • Nutritional counseling – dental experts engage kids in nutritional counseling, to reinforce proper and healthy eating habits.
  • Fighting dental cavities and tooth decay – this is particularly useful when children are in their cavity-prone ages of 6 to 14 years.

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