Oct 01, 2021

Almost everyone has a possibility of suffering from severe teeth decay during their lifetime. Would it not be awesome to have a way of preventing teeth decay from occurring? The good news is, there is a way of preventing teeth decay or cavities from finding their way to your teeth. In this article, we will be focusing on a dental procedure that helps you to avoid teeth cavities. This brings us to the question, what are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are strong tiny shells or coverings that are used to protect the teeth from cavities. They are preventive dental services that are often performed by professional dentists. In dentistry, some dentists are qualified to provide preventive dental care. During your preventive dental appointments, your dentist would likely recommend dental sealants with other preventive dental procedures that are also beneficial.

You must understand the damages that teeth decay or infections can do to your teeth. Preventing a teeth infection is easier than treating a severe teeth infection. In the course of treating a teeth infection, a patient might be at risk of losing some parts of their teeth structure because some dental procedures require little or more removal of the teeth structure. Also, a teeth infection that has deteriorated can be dangerous to your general health as well. Of course, prevention is indeed better than cure. According to Dr. Brown, getting dental sealants can enhance your dental health and save you from the stress or discomfort that a teeth infection would cause you.

Are Children Eligible To Get Dental Sealant Placement?

It might interest you to know that getting dental sealants for your children at their early stage of life would save their dental structure from high possibilities of developing teeth decay during teething or teeth growth. A child can start getting preventive dental care as early as their first tooth erupt. Intriguing right? Well, that is very true.

Children are at higher risk of developing teeth cavities. As a parent, you can watch what your child eats or drinks whenever you are around them. However, you won’t always be around to monitor them all the time. In other words, children are the best candidate for dental sealants. You can visit a kid’s dentist near you. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can’t get dental sealant as an adult. if you have treated tooth infections before, your dentist might advise that you get a dental sealant procedure to avoid additional or future tooth infections

How Are Dental Sealants Placements Performed Dentists?

The first thing that you need to do before getting dental sealant placement is scheduling an appointment with the dentist. Do not get anxious about visiting the dentist cause dental sealant placement is a painless dental procedure. However, for patients who get anxious or scared during dental treatment, the dentist can administer sedatives that can help them stay relaxed. In other words, you can discuss sedative dentistry with your dentist before your dental treatment begins.

Also, if you need to get dental sealants for your kids you can book a dental appointment with a kid’s dentist in Martinsville, VA for your kid’s dental sealant placement.

Before the process begins, your dentist would ask about your medical history to allow you to get effective treatment. Also, you must inform your dentist about your medical history to prevent complications that might arise. This is because some dental patients might have underlying medical conditions that could get worse during the dental treatment or even cause problems later. After your eligibility for dental sealant placement has been confirmed by your dentist, the procedure will begin. The procedure begins with a dental cleaning. After the dentist has performed teeth cleaning, your teeth will be allowed to dry. To make your teeth dry faster, the dentist would use cotton. Also, to prevent the teeth from getting wet with saliva, the dentist would use a protective guard (cheek guard). To continue the process dentist would clean your teeth and also apply disinfectants to remove existing infections in the teeth before placing the sealants. After this has been done, the dentist would repeat the teeth drying process once more. Finally, the dentist would place the sealants on the teeth’ outer surface (the enamel) and then a heating lamp will be used to allow the sealants to become harder and stiffened to the teeth. Your dental sealant is complete and now you can be sure that your dental structure won’t be easily prone to cavities. It is also important that you practice good dental hygiene and eat healthy foods that would give you healthier teeth and allow your dental sealants. You can also get your dental sealants in Martinsville, VA.

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