Importance of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Importance of Fluoride Treatment for Kids

May 01, 2020

Pediatric dentistry is a special field in dentistry that caters to all the oral needs of children. Children deserve just as much love as adults when it comes to dental health, if not more. If you consider that children go through many different phases of tooth growth and development, then you will much better appreciate the place of pediatric dentistry.

The services offered in pediatric dentistry are geared to preserve the health of children’s teeth. Part of this process involves using fluoride varnish on their teeth. As Kids First Dental, our specialty is on strengthening the teeth of kids. We use fluoride treatment t help achieve this role, among other treatment options.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

It is a treatment for teeth to help boost their strength. It involves introducing the fluoride component on teeth, to make them stronger. Ideally, fluoride is a natural nutrient that can be found in everyday foods. Some common sources of fluoride include:

  1. Fluoridated tap water
  2. Boiled food
  3. Fish with bones, to mention a few

Other than that, different kinds of toothpaste have fluoride in them. All these sources can improve the strength of your teeth. However, sometimes it is not enough to rely on these natural sources alone. A boost of the amount of fluoride you get can have significant differences in your dental health.

Why Do Children Need Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment for kids is very common in pediatric dentistry. One of the main reasons is that children may not get sufficient fluoride from foods. Right from infancy, your child goes through many changes, including dietary ones. For the most part, they may not have the luxury of consuming foods rich in fluoride, this makes it highly important to consider supplementing this with the help of a fluoride treatment dentist.

Other than that, fluoride treatment in Martinsville, VA is to fight dental cavities. Children are more prone to dental cavities than adults. This is particularly true during the cavity-prone ages of between 6-14 years old. At this stage, it is important to do as much as possible to help your child fight dental cavities. The fluoride treatment will work hand-in-hand with other efforts of fighting tooth decay, including avoiding sugary foods. Besides, you have to account for the fact that kids are not very disciplined in making healthy nutritional choices.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatment?

Some parents consider it a luxury to get their children on fluoride treatment. however, this is usually because of insufficient information about the incredible benefits of the treatment on teeth. Some of the benefits include the following:

  1. Strengthening teeth – the fluoride coats the teeth, hence boosting the strength thereof. Studies have shown that children who have been exposed to fluoride have stronger teeth. It also shows that they have fewer chances of dental cavities, chips, and breakages.
  2. Fighting tooth cavities – oral cavities are the beginning of tooth destruction. Cavities become the entry points for bacteria to get into the insides of teeth. The danger of this is that it starts off the decay process, which further spreads the infection in your oral cavity. The treatment adds a layer of protection on the enamel of teeth, protecting them from cavities. This is not to mean that fluoride removes decay. Technically, once your teeth have already started to decay, fluoride may not do much for you. The fluoride is used to strengthen the outer surfaces of your teeth. As a result, it helps prevent the bacteria and infection of the decay from penetrating the insides of your teeth. In other words, it manages the decay, ensuring that it does not progress and cause more damage in your oral cavity.
  3. Improved oral hygiene – before the treatment is initiated, the dentist first puts yours through professional dental cleaning. This cleans out your teeth from all food residues and plaque. Therefore, by the time the fluoride varnish is applied to your teeth, they are as clean as ever. This boosts your oral hygiene techniques.


Now that you understand more about fluoride treatment, you should consider it for your child. The treatment should begin once your child is over 4 years old. However, be sure to reinforce this with lifestyle changes that can as well boost your dental health.

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