Information about the types of dental fillings for kids

Information about the types of dental fillings for kids

Apr 01, 2020

Dentists are treating children with cavities from a very young age and inserting dental fillings after removing tooth decay. Children as young as two years old are developing cavities because of numerous reasons that affect their teeth. The goal of dentists is to prevent the development of cavities by treating children early and regularly. Although measures of preventive care, teeth cleanings, and fluoride treatments can help to prevent cavities whenever a child develops one the need for a dental filling becomes necessary.

When Do Dentists Consider Using Fillings for Kids?

Dentists consider a dental filling for kids when decay settles into a tooth making it necessary for a portion of the tooth to be removed. The decay cannot be ignored after it has been removed because it still has the potential to spread. It is the reason why dentists recommend regular dental exams to identify any oral health problems and treat them instantly. They are often able to detect decay in the initial stages before it can cause toothaches in the child.

After the decay is detected the child will be sedated and the decayed portion will be removed. The area will be cleaned before inserting the filling. Dentists need to use fillings because it is the only way the structure of the tooth can be restored to its original shape and size. It is important to visit a pediatric dentist that has experience working with kids regularly because they know how to keep the child calm and relaxed during the process. While the procedure is fast compared to other dental procedures the child getting the fillings needs to remain fairly still which can be accomplished with sedation.

Types of Dental Fillings for Kids

Composite and silver fillings are used commonly for most people. Earlier silver or amalgam fillings were the most popular and it is the reason why many adults can be seen walking around with metal in their mouths. However, dentists are not using this option when they need to accomplish a tooth filling for kids. They are providing tooth-colored fillings that blend in with the surrounding structure of the tooth. They function effectively even as they make it possible for your child to appear as though they have perfectly healthy teeth and have suffered no tooth decay or cavities. Dentists believe it is important for the self-esteem of the young patient and to encourage them to maintain good oral health. Your kids will thank you for the tooth-colored fillings when they get older because you would have given them an aesthetic way of presenting themselves.

Kids Can Be Comfortable with Dental Fillings

Pediatric dentists are also experienced in sedation dentistry because they understand that some kids cannot remain still while getting dental work because they are fearful of it. If your child falls into one of these categories you should not be concerned. The dentist can provide the kids with light sedation to ensure they relax, hold still, or even fall asleep. The process of dental fillings is not painful but a child can be pressurized and emotionally concerned about having dental work done. Sedation can be incredibly useful in such situations.

Kids with Cavities Need Attention from a Pediatric Dentist

If your child has developed tooth decay and cavities you cannot be under the impression that the baby teeth will fall off and therefore no attention is required. The baby teeth will certainly fall off but the decay will continue to spread and can expand to the tooth roots and even affect the gums and bone. This can create additional problems when the permanent teeth begin to erupt and leave the child with a health issue that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Preventing tooth decay or cavities in children’s mouths is not difficult because you just need to ensure they practice proper oral hygiene habits, limit the number of sugary foods they are having, and visit Kids First Dental in Martinsville VA regularly for examinations. The dentists at this clinic can identify any problems in the early stages to offer the appropriate treatment for the child. They may also recommend a series of preventive measures that can be adopted to keep the dental health of the child in prime condition.

When children develop cavities you can certainly look for the types of dental fillings that are available to provide them an aesthetic appearance. However, it will be even better if you adopt preventive measures to ensure cavities do not develop at all.

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