Dental Examinations for Kids

Dental Examinations for Kids

Mar 01, 2020

Next time you pay your dentist a visit for teeth exam and cleaning, bring your child along. The earlier your children start to make those visits, the safer their dental health becomes.

During the exam, your child’s teeth will be cleaned, and the risk of ever contracting tooth decay is eliminated. The examination might involve application of fluoride or a suitable sealant to reduce the decay risk.

The dentist will likely discuss the oral hygiene and diet of your child. He or she might then demonstrate proper flossing and brushing techniques. Other topics that might be touched on are tobacco-associated health risks, oral piercings, and substance abuse.

Why dental exams are done

Regular dental visits will help in protecting the oral health of your child. The dentist will be able to establish the problem early when it is treatable and give tips to ensure your young one’s teeth are taken care of. A kid’s first dental exam may be scary, but it is good for them to be accustomed to the dentist at an early age.

When should kids have a dental exam?

Tooth decay risk, health, and age will determine the frequency at which your child will need dental exams. The following guidelines should be considered:

  • Kids between 6 months and one year

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child’s first dental appointment should happen after the eruption of their first tooth. You should also expect the baby’s gums and teeth to be checked during those well-baby checkups.

  • Toddlers, school-going kids, and adolescents

The recommended exam intervals for this category is every 6 months. The dentist may, however, recommend more frequent or fewer visits, all dependent on the child’s risks for having health problems.

Preparing your child for a dental exam

Before you book that appointment, you have to decide whether you’ll take your child to the family dentist or you’ll o for a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists’ offices are usually child-friendly, and the equipment used is specially designed for children. Here is how to prepare your kid for that appointment:

  • Right timing – Schedule the exams for your kid when she is at rest and is unlikely to frustrate the dentist.
  • Positivity – When talking about the exam to your kid, avoid mentioning words that may inflict fear into them. Make the exam seem fun and painless.
  • Listen – if your kid has any worries about the visits, encourage them to share.

What to expect during a dental exam

The occurrences during the exam vary depending on the treatment needs and age of the child.

  • Kids aged six months to one year

Your child may be laid on an exam chair or table, or you may hold them. The dentist may then do the following:

  • Evaluate your child’s overall health, oral hygiene, eating and drinking habits, and also tooth decay risks.
  • Gently scrub your kid’s teeth with a wet cloth to remove deposits or stains.
  • Demonstrate some proper tooth-cleaning techniques.
  • Assess the child’s fluoride intake.
  • Look for bumps or sores on the tongue and cheeks of your kid.
  • Evaluate habit impacts, e.g., thumb sucking.
  • Toddlers, school-going kids, and adolescents

During each visit, the dentist will continue carrying out an evaluation of the child’s eating and drinking habits and tooth decay related risks. Besides this, the dentist might do the following:

  • Take dental x-rays
  • Apply sealants to teeth
  • Repair cavities or other tooth defects
  • Counsel the child on impacts of nail biting and thumb sucking

The older your child gets, the more topics the dentists will talk to them about. They include smoking, tobacco chewing, eating disorders, and the importance of wearing mouth guards.

Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays allow the child’s dentist to see images of specific sections of the child’s mouth and diagnose problems.


After the exam has been done, the dentist will discuss the health of your child and even recommend a follow-up visit.

We at Kids First Dental, Martinsville, VA, strive to create a comfy and fun atmosphere for all kids. We are here to make the kids worry less. Our qualified dentists look forward to giving your kids a memorable appointment experience. Book your appointment now.

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